You Are Magic (signed)

You Are Magic (signed)

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It’s here! The book is here and it’s signed! ⚡️

Magic is a 5 year old boy with the biggest and brightest personality. He's the happiest ball of sunshine that always has a smile on his face. But after a long first day of school with kids teasing him about his name, his wild and curly hair, and realizing he was the only brown kid in class- his light is dimmed. He feels defeated. He is made to feel like he doesn’t belong and that all that he is- isn’t enough. A feeling that unfortunately most of us have felt to some degree. His mom & family know just what to do. They tell him how special he is. How they knew how bright his light was before he was even born. They explained how they could feel his magic and that’s why his parents named him that. They explained how his traits were passed down from his huge and very different looking family who love him more than anything. They tell him that the universe made him exactly how he was intended to be. Perfectly him, with everything on top. What they do is explain his worth to him. An explanation that unfortunately most people have never heard about ourselves until much later in life, if at all.

I wrote this book based on a dream that I had in 2019 to empower children. I want them all to have an opportunity to gain the tools necessary to help them feel good about who they are. I want this book to help them see the value in their own uniqueness so that they understand and know that they are magical hopefully before anyone has the chance to tell them otherwise.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read! I hope you enjoy it!