x Tierra Allen - Francis

2020 - now has been a wild ride. it's been years of rediscovery & rebuilding. I pushed myself every day to only do the things that I loved. I wrote and published a children's book based on a dream I had about my future child - whose name is Magic. I started working on my Doula Certification with MamaGlow. I am currently a mentee to the amazing Desirae Whittle at Harmony Births & a Certified Doula member of Birth Tribe Doulas in Connecticut. I’m a newly minted WIFE to my amazing husband, Travis. Overall, I have created a world of love, empowerment & good vibes. This magical world consists of birthing person support services, affirmation card decks, custom tie dyed merch, painting, sage, crystals, incense, etc... I became someone i could be proud of and be happy being... Tierra Allen- Francis, Magic's Mama.

My thought was, if I share the things that have helped me and they help someone else- I'm closer to living my soul's purpose in this life... 

Changing the world. One smile & a little bit of Magic at a time.

I hope you find something here that makes you feel special, loved, and whole ✨

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